Medivac International -India, founded in the capital of the country-New Delhi , is a specialized Wholesaler, Distributor, Trader, Exporter & Supplier of Cancer Medicines which are efficacious and ensure lower risk. Other than that our drugs like Kidney & Liver Transplant Medicines, Pharmaceutical Injection, Injection & Life Saving Drugs, Cancer Medicines, Nephrology Drugs, and Pharmaceutical Capsules & Tablets from various companies. We also offer Health Monitors and Critical Care products. Locally purchased, our range is promoted and sold in the international markets. Brands we promote, include the following:

Afinitor( Everolimus)
Myhep (Sfosbuvir)
Geftinat (Gefitinib)
Veenat Capsule & Tablets
Zometa Injection
Valgan 450 Mg (Valgancyclovir)
The medicines of these prominent brands are quite beneficial and effective for the cancer patients as well as those who have got a kidney or liver transplant.

The company  carrying out several different business operations. The proprietorship company, headed by Naresh Gupta (CEO), has a dedicated team of proficient sales and marketing professionals for our pharmaceutical products, who all work hard to promote the products and develop strong relationships with doctors, many representatives of clinics and Hospitals throughout country as well as overseas clients.They bring orders and we having great and profitable relationships with vendors working together with them to assure of the completion of the order within the specified time and budget. A group of vendors are decided after careful research about the repute and history of the company including the experience, expertise, the market credibility, financial position, etc. Our exclusive quality team checks and tests each of the product from the consignment to make sure it complies with all quality parameters and standards.