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Generic Name: – Sofosbuvir

  • Trade Name: – HEPCINAT 400mg – Manufactured By NATCO PHARMA LIMITED
  • Composition: – Each film coated tablet contains: Sofosbuvir equivalent to Sofosbuvir 400mg
  • Description: – Sofosbuvir 400mg tablet is an antiviral drug which is used in combination with other drugs for treatment of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) infection. Compared to previous treatments, sofosbuvir based regimens provide a higher cure rate, fewer side effects, and a two- to four-fold reduced duration of therapy.
  • Mechanism of Action:- Sofosbuvir contains oral nucleotide analog inhibitor of the hepatitis C virus (HCV) polymerase. The drug is a direct-acting antiviral agent and interferes straight with the HCV lifecycle, restraining the viral replication. It can be incorporated into HCV RNA by the NS5B polymerase and acts as a chain terminator. The drug is available for oral use in the form of 400mg tablets.
  • Dosage and Administration: – The recommended daily dose of Sofosbuvir is 400mg tablet to be taken once daily with or without food. Sofosbuvir should be used in combination with Ribavirin or in combination with Pegylated Interferon and Ribavirin for the treatment of CHC (Chronic Hepatitis C) in adults. It is highly advisable to administer the drug under strict medical supervision and advice.




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